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I learn the value of tutoring when I was in school. In the past I observed that tutorial is likened to taking lessons on subjects that you have a hard time grasping or learning. But all that changed nearly two decades ago when AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center offered tutorial programs.



Thanks to AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center and with the right support, children become all that they can possibly be and ones who would do well in their studies and are happy to be ahead, not just in school, but in life.

For nearly two decades, AHEAD’s one-on-one and small-group tutorial programs have ensured that students get undivided attention and care. Students are assigned tutors who match their personality and requirements.

If you were not able to pass the exams, there’s a likely possibility that AHEAD will refund you of your expenses.

These are the following programs those AHEAD offers:

Math/Science Enrichment
Allow your children to enjoy these traditionally difficult subjects.

Practical Math
Enable your children to master math for everyday living.

Prep Test Entrance Review
Give your tots the edge in gaining admission to the “big” schools.

Reading Comprehension
Improve your children’s learning skills through reading and better understanding.

Assistance in Essay and Paper Writing
let your children achieve excellence in written work.

Conversation Skills
Let your children gain confidence and fluency in speaking.

English Grammar
Enable your children to gain mastery over the English language.

Its Tutorial Programs depends on your child’s needs and you can avail them depending on existing enrollment terms and conditions apply.

ACHIEVERS (10 hours) – For a child who may already be an honor student, but who wants to excel even further. The Achievers program puts him on the road to even higher academic achievement.

MAINTENANCE (20 hours) – For the child who has conquered his bout with failing grades, but still needs assistance to make sure he stays on the path to academic success.

REINFORCEMENT (40 hours) – For the child in danger of failing a subject. Our intensive program will help him get out his academic rut.

REMEDIAL (60 hours) – For the child who has failed some of his subjects and needs all the help he can get. Our program will help improve his grades at the shortest possible time.

Two-on-one (2o1) and three-on-one (3o1) are personalized group tutorial packages, while group of four (Go4) and group-of-five (Go5) simulate a class-type session.

AHEAD knows how competitive it is to get entry to top schools in the country.Its tutorials for college students is way above your expectations. Tutorials are available for those who want to get an entry to UP, Ateneo, La Salle and UST. They also assist college students who want to maintain good standing in their subjects by offering one-on-one for 5 hours and 20 hours and one-ontwo for 5 hours assuring that your child gets all the help to pass the college enetrance test.

Moreover, AHEAD also offers preparation for Academic Contests. Its expert tutors can coach your kids for competitive scholastic events such as national and international spelling bees, math and science competitions, oratorical contests, and debates. Our tutors are the best mentors because they are competition winners themselves. With their support, your children will be trained to win.Its one-on-one approach can be availed at, 5, 20, 40 or 60 hours.

Aside from that they also offer the following review programs:

Science High School Review
ACT Review
Entrance Test Supplementary Review
Premium Entrance Test Review
SAT Review

For more information about AHEAD, visit their website at